KISS Eyelashes Blooming LASH with Glue Natural Soft 3D Long Volume Faux False Lashes Adhesive (LILY)


  • Blends in well with your natural lashes
  • These lashes are Reusable and made of high quality
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Soft, fluffy and lightweight these lashes will give the look of dramatic eyes without the dramatic weight
  • A single Lash Band Holds Variations Of Vertical Lashes That Look Better Than Lash Extensions
  • NATURAL FLOURISH Blooming LASH Multi-Angle Technology
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Kiss Eyelashes Blooming LASH with Glue Natural Soft 3D Long Faux False Lashes Adhesive (LILY)

Features: 3D, Soft, Fluffy, Multi-Angle, Natural
Shade: Black
Size: Standard
Country/Region of Manufacture: Vietnam
Product Line: Kiss Strip Lash
Lash Length: Short, Medium, Long
Brand: Kiss
Effect: Full Volume, Natural
Scent: Unscented
Type: Strip Eyelashes
Quantity: 1 Pair with bonus glue

Got to love the fluff on Kiss blooming lily lashes!

This natural pattern style false lashes comes with the perfect fluff for added thickness for an accentuated flare.
Lyli lashes are striking stunning multi-layered lashes that accentuate your natural eyelashes for a perfect blend of glam.
Get ready for a closed-up from this simply pretty and strikingly stunning false eyelashes, blooming lash collection by Kiss are delicately hand-crafted to deliver flourishing layers of lashes on a single lash band for ultra-glamourous and naturally voluminous look.
Blooming lash lily:

Adds dimensional whips to natural lashes created with Multi-Angle technology adds length, depth & volume easy-to-apply lashes if needed, trim lash to fit your eyes.


How to use:
1. Apply Kiss strip lash adhesive to lash band; wait 30 seconds for adhesive to become slightly tacky.
2. Using the applicator, apply lashes along natural lash line. Hold allowing adhesive to dry completely.
How to remove Kiss blooming eyelashes:
1. Gently peel off ash strip, starting at the outer corner.
2. Use oil-based eye makeup remover to remove excess adhesive from lash band and eyelid.
3. Place lashes back onto the tray for future use.


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